UFISAMO Farmers Manual


M&E urbanGAPs-first months of implementation in Cape Town_Zayaan Khan_Jan2019

Backyard horticulture in Maputo_Enrique Flores_Feb2019

urbanGAPs Cape Town Edition

Food and nutrition security and food habits Cape Town, 04-2018

SLE Perspectives of Urban Agriculture in Maputo and Cape Town 03-2018

Report Teller pro Quadratmeter 09-2017

Urban Agriculture Value Chains Maputo 05-2017

Urban Agriculture Value Chains Cape Town 03-2017

Final report study project Maputo 2016-06



UFISAMO Newsletter 3 QY18

UFISAMO Newsletter 1 QY18

UFISAMO Newsletter 4 QY17

UFISAMO Newsletter 3 QY17

UFISAMO Newsletter 2 QY17

UFISAMO Newsletter 1 QY17

UFISAMO Newsletter 4 QY16


Papers and articles:

PGS Newsletter May/June 2018

Urbane Landwirtschaft als Beitrag zur Ernährungssicherung – Beobachtungen aus Kapstadt und Maputo- Artikel in “Ernährung im Fokus”

The organisation of urban agriculture in Cape Town. A social capital perspective. By Tinashe Kanosvamhira

Briefingpaper 02.02.2018 “Urban Agriculture in Cape Town and Maputo”

Briegingpaper – Wertschöpfungsketten der urbanen Landwirtschaft in Maputo und Cape Town


Presentations / Conference documentation:

Understanding a city through food_and_innovation-dissemination-communication for sustainability_Paganini_Schelchen in Coventry_Jan2019

ISDRS 2018 Book of Abstracts

urbanGAP innovation (Presentation ISDRS Messina, Paganini, Kuehn, Schelchen, June 2018)

Impact of urban agriculture (Presentation ISDRS Messina, Paganini, Schelchen, June 2018

urbanGAP for a Sustainable Urban Food System (Presentation at ACC conference, Cape Town, Paganini, Schelchen, Feb 2018)

Documentation AESOP conference: sustainable food planning group Nov 2017

Sustainable urban food planning (Presentation at AESOP conference, Paganini, Schelchen Nov 2017)

Poster: Innovation Knowledge Exchange

Poster: Impact of Urban Agriculture

Documentation International Urban Farming Conference Berlin 2017

UFISAMO Reflection after 1 year (Tropentag Presentation) by Erik Engel

urbanGAP for food planning by Nicole Paganini (presentation at ISDRS conference, Bogotà, June 2017)

Innovation knowledge exchange systems by Anja Schelchen (presentation at ISDRS conference, Bogotà, June 2017)

UFISAMO Approach presentation UCT conference by Razack Kariem, Nicole Paganini and Anja Schelchen

2016 Tropentag poster UFiSAMo concept


Bachelor and Master Thesis:

BA Composting methods (summary) by Kristina Backhaus

BA Good practices (presentation) by Dominik Becker

BA Good practices UA (conclusion) by Dominik Becker

MA Harvest of hope livelihoods abstract Denise Wachholz

MA Consumers of local food systems (abstract) by Mascha Kuzay